E-Board Review

Black Hawk Electric Street Board V2 Review

Hey guys, it has been a while hasn’t it?! Well I’m back after my little hiatus and changing it up a bit, with this electric skateboard! This website will now be called, eBoarding now. Nah I’m just joking, but this is the Street Board V2 from Black Hawk Electric. It’s apparently their most popular board and I got my hands on one so let’s get into it!

I’m not really a skateboarder, I mean I played Tony Hawks Pro Skater back in the day, but that’s about it really. So I need to call a friend. He’s been wanting to get an electric skateboard for a while to commute, and I thought this would be a great chance for him to test out this board and for me to learn a couple of things. In the video you’ll meet Radison; part time skateboarder and full-time dog owner of the cutest dog you’ll ever meet!

The Street Board V2 uses hub motors which is something different from belt drive systems used in Boosted and Evolve.  It’s sleeker, weighs less, and doesn’t need a belt which does mean less maintenance. There’s a big argument for which type is better, but I won’t dive into that since I’m still learning how these things work.

The street board is powered by a 4.4Ah 24V LG lithium ion battery, which drive two 400W brushless DC motors housed at the back. In terms of capacity, they’re a lot smaller than the average eBike battery which hit the 12 or 13 Ah mark; but you can achieve a maximum range of 15km. Obviously depending on your weight and the terrain you’re riding on, it will vary just like with eBikes. Now the deck itself is made of Canadian maple, and measures at 90cm in length fitted on standard 25cm trucks. So in terms of the skateboard itself, it’s fairly standard, nothing crazy except for the fact it’s been electrified.

We started with just riding the board around the suburbs, wherever we could. And all I gotta say is, it changes your perspective on skating. I feel like it’s the same epiphany people realise once they’ve tried an eBike. Like I said, I’m not a skater, but I feel like eBoarding is easier than actual skateboarding itself.

Going forward is simplified with the added motors and all you have to do is balance yourself. You can also go in reverse and braking is easy; even when going downhill because the motors take care of that. And an added bonus with this board is it features regenerative braking, which restores some juice back to your battery. I actually don’t have an exact efficiency figure for it, but from what I found on the internet, it can range from 20-70 percent. One thing I’d like to mention is that the skateboard held it’s own when I was braking down a 16% gradient hill. I am 96 kg, so I’m over the 90kg weight limit already, but it did a good job.  I thought there wouldn’t be enough braking power, but this board just has enough. Although the skateboard is electrified, the eBoard can still be used when it’s off thanks to the hub motors. They have little to no friction compared to belt driven boards which allows you to ride it like a regular skateboard.

However something that may be a little more difficult than a regular skateboard is turning and navigating. Since you’re motorised, you should have the trucks tighter to prevent speed wobbles. But this kind of backfires on you because it’s makes turning tighter corners, much more harder, especially at higher speeds. One thing you could try and do is to a kick turn. A basic move where you lift the front wheels and direct the front of the board to the direction you want to head in. But it’s a bit trickier with a board with no kick obviously.

There are a few things that I personally didn’t like, one of them was the remote. It’s really simple and easy to use. Very intuitive, but I don’t like how the LED lights are tiny and so far down these little holes. Another thing is the grip tape. Out of the box, although it’s grippy. It’s very harsh on your hands, but this does get better obviously once some time as passed.

Using the board was fairly easy, just like any other electric skateboard, you have a trigger that you push up to accelerate, and pull back to brake. It does take some time getting used to because it is a bit sensitive. But I got pretty comfortable after 2 or 3 days. Once you do get comfortable, the board is a breeze to ride, and very fun. It’s perfect for those smooth flat concrete pavements to do some light carving or to ride down to the shops or your local café.

Wrapping up this video, Street Board is a great board if you’re on a budget and testing the waters of electric skateboarding. It’s comfortable on smooth concrete pavement, easy to use and houses an LG battery which are considered to be the better brands. Perfect for flat riding and carving it up, the Street Board V2 as the name suggests is well suited for the streets. Check it out if you want a fun eBoard option that doesn’t break the bank.

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