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VanMoof Introducing Subscription eBikes

a monthly subscription service, that lets you ride a vanmoof for as long, or as short as you want…

In this day and age, you can find subscription business models everywhere. From Netflix to Adobe, this structure has been successful and benefits both the company, and the consumers. But how would a subscription based service for electric bikes work?

Well we’re going to find out, because the Dutch company VanMoof, have revealed VanMoof+; a monthly subscription service that lets you ride a VanMoof for as long or as short as you want. The bicycle manufacturer known for their minimalistic city pedelecs announced their latest product/service last week, which will go live April 24.

So How Does It Work?

Consumers will pay a one time ‘Key Fee’, followed by a monthly subscription rate. This is not limited to their electric bikes, but VanMoof’s normal bikes as well. The idea of this is that users will buy and own the ‘Key’ to the bike, whilst VanMoof still own the bike itself. When you end your subscription, you can sell your key and recover some costs, where the new owner becomes a new member of the VanMoof+ program.

What Do You Get Out of It?

With the subscription toe VanMoof+, you receive additional features and extras as well. First off, if you travel frequently, this is perfect for you because if you visit cities like Tokyo, London or New York (just to name a few), you can pick up a spare VanMoof bike from their store and use it as you would back home.

A major benefit of this product is the theft protection. If your VanMoof is ever stolen, you can pay a $126 AUD fee where the company will recover it or replace it for free. During the period of recovery, they will also provide a loaner bike for you.

Secondly, and probably the most appealing feature is that VanMoof will cover all the maintenance costs; both parts and labour. If you ever have a issue with your bike, simply bring it to one of their stores where they will fix it immediately or fix it when possible while providing you a loaner bike. On top of that, VanMoof will also replace batteries for free in support of the company’s goal of keeping every one of their bikes on the road for as long as possible.

Availability and Pricing

Unfortunately pricing for VanMoof’s electric bikes (VanMoof Electrified S, and X) will only be available to Japan with pricing unknown. For their regular push bikes (VanMoof Smart S, and X), the one time key will be $384 AUD with monthly payments of $25 AUD for the 3-speed version and $30 AUD for the 8-speed.

Although you can subscribe to VanMoof+ from anywhere in the world, it’s more beneficial at locations with the company stores such as; Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Taipei and Tokyo. This will allow you to receive the full potential perks such as unlimited maintenance and free loaner bikes. There are more stores on the way, coming soon to London, Paris and San Francisco.

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