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Husqvarna Join The eBike Movement With 6 Models

the swedish company known for outdoor power tools have released their own e-bikes

Under the group name PEXCO, Husqvarna will be releasing six lines of eBikes; the Mountain Cross (MC), Light Cross (LC), Cross Tourer (CT), Light Tourer (LT), Gran Tourer (GT) and Gran City (GC).

They will all feature Shimano Steps systems with 500Wh or 400Wh batteries, but differ in motor model depending on the eBike variant. The higher end offerings like the LC4, LC5, GT6 and all of the MC models will use the E8000 whilst the mid to budget range opts for the E6000. The top end bikes will also feature a unique Linkage Battery Pack providing 500Wh.

It essentially packs the cells into small compartments that are linked together to produce a flexible battery pack. This will allow the battery to remain removable, but only require a small opening. The benefit of this design is that it allows more of the down tube to be one piece. This will result in a stiffer and stronger frame when compared to more traditional removable down tube battery style.

Credit: Bike Magazin

Husqvarna MC (Mountain Cross)

The MC (Mountain Cross) range features All Mountain style geometry with 140mm travel front and rear, sitting on 650b wheels. The top tier MC7 will feature the top components such as Rockshox Yari forks and Shimano XT Di2 drivetrain, whilst the models below will be kitted out with a mixture of SR Suntour forks and Shimano components.

Mountain Cross 7 

Mountain Cross 6

Mountain Cross 5

Husqvarna LC (Light Cross)

All of the Light Cross models will be offered in a 650b or 29er wheel option. The top two models feature the Shimano Steps E8000 motor and Linkage Battery Pack whilst the rest will use the more conventional electric bike battery in conjunction with the Shimano Steps E6000 motor. Drivetrain and suspension vary depending on the model, with the top variant featuring Shimano XT and Rockshox Reba forks.

Light Cross 5

Light Cross 4

Light Cross 3

Light Cross 2 – Military Green/Neon Green

Light Cross 2 – Black/Red

Light Cross 1 – Silver/Neon Yellow

Light Cross 1 – Navy/Cyan

Husqvarna CT (Cross Tourer)

The Cross Tourer is more of a hybrid mountain bike aimed at those wanting to ride on both asphalt and unpaved roads. Featuring short travel forks to take some of the bumps, the CT models feature E6000 Shimano Steps motors and entry level Shimano drivetrain. There will be two models where both of them offer Women Specific designs as well.

Cross Tourer 2

Husqvarna LT (Light Tourer)

For the more leisurely use and trekking around town, Husqvarna offer the Light Tourer in 4 models (LT1, LT2, LT3 and LT4) with Men and Women specific versions. They all feature Shimano Steps E6000 motors, and will differ with components. The top LT4 will be equipped with a Shimano XT Di2 drivetrain.

Light Tourer 4

Husqvarna GT (Gran Tourer)

The Gran Tourer will be offered with two variants, where the GT6 uses the Shimano Steps E8000 mid drive motor instead of the E6000. It will also feature the Shimano XT Di2 system whereas the lower variant can be expected to be kitted with a mixture of Shimano drive train parts. This model is perfect for those riding long distances with a bike rack for luggage and a comfortable geometry.

Gran Tourer 6

Husqvarna GC (Gran City)

The GC is designed for comfort and city riding with a step through frame and upright geometry. There will be an array of variants featuring a wide range of components. All of them however, will be equipped with the E6000 motor. At the top is the Gran City 7 which will find itself shifting gears with the Shimano Nexus Di2 system for automatic shifting – no manual shifting required!

Gran City 7

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