E-Bike Discussion

Kinazo e1: The World’s First 3D Printed eBike

We wanted to build something out of this world

Since the birth of 3D printing, people have produced some incredible works of engineering. We’ve already had a 3D printed bike by Renishaw, but Kinazo will be the first to release a 3D printed electric bike.

The Slovakian company have been working on this concept for years and have finally shown pictures and a video of their prototype last month. There’s no confirmation of the release, however expect them to be produced in very limited numbers.

Looking at the spec sheet, the electric bike is aiming for the high end market, featuring a 250W Brose mid drive motor, BMZ integrated battery and Fox Factory components. These details aren’t confirmed, and could change, however we predict it wouldn’t change much.

The bike looks so sleek and sexy. It looks like it’ll shred any trail for breakfast, which is funny with the light upbeat video that came with it. For more details, check out their website and the video! Peep the pictures below, after the 3D printed doge.

3D Printed Doge

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