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Dillenger Opia Update: Version 2.0 with added Commuter Goodies!

Released this year, the original Opia was reviewed by us earlier in the year and scored well with our review. However, Dillenger have made some minor changes to address the feedback they were receiving. The 2.0 is identical to the original in every way aside from 4 things.


Equipped on the previous iteration were the more roadie Kenda Ksmart tyres on the 20” wheels, which I personally liked. It allowed for faster and more efficient rolling, which is a huge benefit as a commuter. With the revamp, Dillenger have opted for thicker all road eBike specific tyres from Kenda again, the K924.

From my little quick test, I can say that the bike didn’t roll as well as the original, but the thicker tyres do provide more stability and allow you to ride on a range of surfaces.


Version 1 came with the LED-880 meter which we said worked, however was a very basic interface for a commuter. The meter has been upgraded on this iteration, however still remains a LED meter instead of a LCD. Aesthetically, it looks better with a more refined and integrated look. However, the same issues in regards to lack of data such as speed and trip are still present. Additionally, the inability to have zero PAS while the bike is on is the same.


Something that I mentioned in the review of the original model was that a bike rack would’ve greatly improved the Opia. Well it looks like they’ve watched my review, and probably heard what their customers were saying and added a bike rack as standard. The pannier rack is your standard design with an in built tail-light. This combination of features definitely adds appeal to the revised eBike and presents itself as a more commuter friendly model. Now you can ride at night with an LED headlight and tail-light.


These were much requested for the Opia, so Dillenger decided to make standard for the V2. They’ll provide some protection from the back-splash while riding.


With these 4 small changes, the bike definitely feels like it’s gone through some significant makeover. The bike is a lot more commuter friendly with the rear rack and mud guards. Riders can now finally mount their belongings or store them in a pannier without any spraying from the wheels. Speaking of the wheels, the beefed up 1.75” wide Kenda K924 from the 1.35” definitely adds more versatile and stability. Although the meter was upgraded to a compact LED design, the lack of features on it were still the same as the original version. Regardless the bike is still an amazing commuter eBike, and for the special price of $999 at the moment, it presents great value. Definitely a bike to check out if you’re looking for a compact, foldable and lightweight commuter. You can find more pictures below!

Link: Dillenger Opia – $999 Special

NOTE: The model I tested came with a throttle, which obviously doesn’t make it street compliant, however this was an option and can be simply removed to be legal.

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