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Bafang Unveils eMTB Focused Motor Along with a Smartphone App

Unveiled ahead of the Eurobike 2017 show, Bafang has shown interest the rapidly growing eMTB market. Details and images reveal that they are planning to release three new motors; the mid drive M-500 and M-600, and the rear hub drive H-800. To top this all off, Bafang also showcased their integrated battery and smartphone app which will also be smartwatch compatible.

M Series

The M series are targeted towards riders looking for maximum performance. The M-600 comes with 350 to 500 watts of power whilst the street legal M-500 is capable of a modest 250W. This is all EU compliant with speed restrictions applying where necessary according on the region.

Both geared and weighing in at 3kg and 3.5kg respectively, the eMTB focused M-600 can offer a massive 110Nm of peak torque. This combined with the motors possessing a Q-factor of 177mm shows promise to extreme performance of electric bikes fitted with this system. It’s also compatible with a single or double chain ring (32T/44T) which takes it to another level as most motors are only single.

H Series

Adding to Bafang’s lineup is the H-800 rear hub motor. This is another performance based system which can deliver between 350 and 500W. Peak torque is quoted to be 55Nm which is half of the M series motors, however still decent in terms of hub drives.

With such a small form factor at 180mm in diameter, the motor hides behind disc brakes. Compatible with Shimano’s 7 speed or 11 speed drivetrains, the motor can also be fitted to the new ‘Boost’ 148mm standards.

F Series

Jumping onto the integrated battery train, Bafang calls it the F Series batteries which consist of Panasonic/Samsung cells. Designed with options to provide 370Wh and 600Wh, they have also designed a semi-integrated variant with a 1000Wh rating. This is on par with Bosch’s dual battery systems which uses 2 batteries for a total of 1000Wh. Bafang have mentioned that it currently uses 18650 cells but are hoping to upgrade to 21700 cells in the future.

Bafang Go App

To top off their big reveal, Bafang showcased their ‘Bafang Go’ app which is also available on smartwatches. This app will show riders the information such as battery level and range, providing you data from your motor that other tracking apps can’t record. Expect a fair few more features and functions with this app at the official reveal at Eurobike 2017.

A release date has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to release during the first half of next year. More details will be announced at Eurobike 2017.

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