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Details and Images: CUBE’s 2018 Stereo Hybrid eBikes

Image Source: Via Cube Store Durham

This image was posted a couple of weeks ago, and was one of the first pictures floating around the internet that revealed CUBE’s 2018 electric bike. But now we have more details surrounding the 2018 line up from CUBE.

Dubbed the Stereo Hybrid, the fleet come in 3 models; Stereo Hybrid 160Stereo Hybrid 140 and Stereo Hybrid 120. The numbers denote the amount of travel with each having their own variants as well. The only exceptions are the Stereo Hybrid ACTION TEAM and Stereo Hybrid 160 SL which fall under the 160 model, however features 170mm travel.

Stereo Hybrid 160

As the name suggest these models are equipped with 160mm travel and are the top of the line offerings from CUBE. The flagship ACTION TEAM variant features the cream of the crop components including FOX 36 Float Factory forks and Transfer Factory dropper post. What makes it stand out even more is the SRAM EX1 drivetrain. It is a electric bike or eMTB specific drivetrain designed by SRAM to withstand the extra loads from the motor. Combined with the latest Bosch systems and PowerTube, these bikes are for the enthusiasts who aren’t afraid to splurge! Only the two top models feature the PowerTube and 170mm fork whereas the Stereo Hybrid RACE utilises the Bosch PowerPack. With that being said, all variants use a Magic Mary and Nobby Nic combination from Schwalbe.

Stereo Hybrid 160 ACTION TEAM – $8,700AUD

Specs of the Cube Stereo HYBRID ACTION TEAM, € 5,799

Fork – FOX 36 FLOAT FACTORY 170 mm
Rear Shock – FOX DPX 160 mm
Motor – Bosch Performance CX
Battery – Bosch Powertube 500
Brakes – Shimano Saint
Groupset – SRAM EX1
Seatpost – FOX Transfer Factory
Tires – Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.6″ / Nobby Nic 2.6″ Super Gravity
Rims/Hubs – Newmen Evolution SL

Stereo Hybrid 160 SL – $6,800AUD

Full specifications haven’t been revealed.

Stereo Hybrid 160 RACE – $6,000AUD

Full specifications haven’t been revealed.

Stereo Hybrid 140

Catered towards all mountain riders, the Hybrid 140 is equipped with Bosch eBike system (both PowerTube or PowerPack) with a multitude of variants. The top of the series is the Trail Motion which features 150mm travel instead of the 140mm. There are a total of 3 variants with colour options and a dropper post upgrade for an extra $150AUD. Full specifications have not been revealed yet.

Stereo Hybrid 140 TM (Trail Motion) – $7,200AUD

Stereo Hybrid 140 SL – $6,300AUD

Stereo Hybrid 140 RACE (Grey/Green) – $5,600AUD

Stereo Hybrid 140 RACE (Red) – $5,600AUD

Stereo Hybrid 140 PRO (Black) – $5,300AUD

Stereo Hybrid 140 PRO (Blue) – $5,300AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120

Adding to the Stereo Hybrid models is the 120 which come in both 27.5″ or 29″ wheel options. This provides consumers a ridiculous amount of choices including colour options. It should not be falsely assumed that the 120 is the lower end offerings from the 2018 line up as the three top variants possess a carbon frame. This makes sense as a lighter and stiffer frame would be more beneficial for this style of bike (as discussed in the previous EBN article). Full specifications have not been revealed yet. Like the 140 model, CUBE are providing an optional dropper post for $150AUD.

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC RACE (Carbon) – $6,000AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC SLT 500 (Carbon) – $9,800AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC RACE 500 (Carbon/Black/Green) – $6,000AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC RACE 500 (Carbon/Black/Blue) – $6,000AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC RACE 500 (Carbon/Black) – $6,000AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 EXC (Green) – $5,600AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 EXC (Black/Blue/Grey) – $5,600AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC PRO 500 (Black) – $5,000AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 HPC PRO 500 (Black/Red) – $5,000AUD

Stereo Hybrid 120 ONE 500 (Black) – $4,500AUD

That rounds up the upcoming models from CUBE. It seems that all the companies are following the same line up where they release a number of models/series varying in travel and have variants to cater for all budget types. It’s a big move from what it was three or four years ago where they would just have one model with 3 sizes. Now we’re getting 3 models, with 3 to 5 variants, plus colour options.

Pricing have been converted from Euros, as there is no confirmed price for Australia. There is no word if these are coming to Australia, but follow us to stay up to date!

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