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#Haibike2018 – Haibike Secretly Reveals The eBikes for 2018

It’s been quiet for everyone outside of Europe, but Haibike revealed their 2018 eBikes. Holding a special event in Germany, the company invited mostly European media and bike stores to attend and witness the unveiling.

With this news following BULLS and Specialized 2018 release, the world of eMTB has erupted with excitement for next year. It seems that electric mountain biking is getting serious, and most big companies by now have some sort of electric model under their belt.


Anyway, back to Haibike, the upcoming electric bikes are split into two different classes. The SDURO, and XDURO! The former being more sporty with classic mountain bike geometries featuring models such as the FullSeven LT and HardNine. Whereas XDURO models possess a more aggressive and modern style and geometry with the AllMtn, Nduro and Dwnhll offerings.

With news from this year about the updated Bosch technology, it was expected that the Haibikes would feature Bosch’s PowerTube. Among this, Haibike have developed an innovating multi rail system which allows attachments to be fitted on the down tube. These attachments can include an extra battery for extended range or a drink holder for the magnetic bottle.


The AllMtn range starts with the 6.0 and ends with the flagship 10.0. Differing in specs as well as motor and battery supplier, the AllMtn is aimed for those wanting to ride trail styled all mountain tracks.


The Nduro series is a special one with a special edition Tschugg model. He’s been Haibike’s ambassador for a while now and is one gnarly rider. Definitely check him out! Must be an honour to have a bike after your legacy.


As you may have guessed the XDURO Dwnhll is the downhill models from Haibike, and they’re extreme! Fitted with 200mm forks from Rockshox and Fox, these bikes are destined for those who don’t want to ride the lift up!

SDURO HardNine

The hard tail offering from Haibike which is more fitting to the budget and comfort seeking riders.

SDURO FullSeven LT

Using both the Bosch and Yamaha set ups, the FullSeven LT eBikes will be popular with its wide variety of models ranging from the 4.0 to the 10.0, and more budget friendly prices.

According to the dealers and media outlets, there will be an official announcement and release later this year. Be on the lookout for that for finalised details and pricing. No pricing or release details have been released for Australia as of yet.

Full Specs and Source
Image Sources: 1 and 2

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