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Stop What You’re Doing: Carbon Turbo Levo Has Just Been Announced

specialized have broken the internet, and also your wallet

For what seemed to be the most perfect eMTB released, it is difficult to think how Specialized would have pushed the boundaries for their Turbo Levo. However just yesterday, the unveiling of their Carbon Turbo Levo for the 2018 lineup has broken the internet.

Announced on Saturday (AEST Time), cycling media outlets such as Bike Radar, Singletrack and Australian Mountain Bike, have released images of the upcoming carbon fiber beast! Here is a round up of the images floating around the internet.

Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon

Specialized Turbo Levo Carbon S-Works

Specialized Levo Carbon Expert

The Details

Specialized have claimed that the carbon frame shaved off approximately 700g and increased its stiffness by 40% compared to previous models. It should be pointed out that not all the models/variants are full carbon fiber. Only the top tier S-Works utilises a full carbon frame whereas the other 5 versions consist of a hybrid set up.

A feature that has been added to the 2018 lineup is the ‘Trail Remote’ . This allows riders to select between Eco, Trail, Turbo and Walk Assist modes on the fly. In Eco mode, the motor will provide 25% of added power to your strokes. Trail will find you riding with 50% whereas Turbo will add the power you’re pedaling with (100%, watt for watt). This is all thanks to the new Brose 1.3 Turbo RX 250W mid drive motor as well – 15% more powerful according to Specialized.

Australia is only seeing 5 releases instead of the 6 Europe and the States receive. These are listed below with pricing. Courtesy of Australian Mountain Bike.






time to sell a couple of kidneys

As you can see above, if you don’t have the coin for the carbon frame, the 2018 lineup does include alloy versions (which still cost a kidney). For full specifications, definitely check out Singletrack’s article. The article lists all of the specs for each variant and the European pricing as well. Specifications for Australian market may differ.

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