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Bell Super 2R: Helmet Review

It’s well ventilated, comfortable, looks amazing, and the best thing of all – versatile.

The Helmet

I was fortunate enough to receive the Bell Super 2R helmet last year and I thought I would write a quick review, and my experiences with it.

For those who don’t know, the Super 2R is based off the Super 2 which received ratings out of this world! If you search on YouTube, the internet and even retail stores, the feedback for the Super 2 was phenomenal. So what is the extra R for?

Well as you may have guessed, the R is a full face version of the popular Super 2, or is it?

That’s right folks! The Super 2R takes what the original did so well and added a detachable chin guard. Because of this, it’s almost like having two helmets. This is convenient for those who don’t want too many lids in their arsenal, as this can be used for your relaxed mountain bike rides or more spirited enduro runs.

Although this is not downhill approved due to the many vents in the main helmet body, the chin guard meets the ASTM F1952 testing according to Bell. Additionally they have met other requirements including the CE EN1078 and CPSC standards.

The helmet also comes with a mount for your GoPro which I used a couple of times. It’s standard, and removable with a Velcro strap to attach it to the top of the helmet. The rides with my GoPro were great where the helmet firmly held the camera in place without any issues.

With all these features and safety standards, pricing for the Super 2R is not cheap. Starting at $299AUD with the MIPS version retailing at $329AUD. MIPS equipped helmets are pricier due to them featuring a patented technology. They are considered safer as the feature minimises the rotational force on impact.

The Test

From my four to five months with the Super 2R, all I can say is – believe the hype and ratings! The helmet is an awesome piece of protection. It’s well ventilated, comfortable, looks amazing, and the best thing of all – versatile. When I had eBike reviews on casual trails, I would use it without the chin guard, whilst the single track runs on my Trek Remedy would see me equipping it for that added safety. With the full face set-up, the helmet snugs your head and cheeks with extra security from the ratchet.

Installing and removing the chin bar was simple as well, and can be done in 30 seconds. There are two extrusions from the chin bar which fit into the vents towards the rear of the helmet, which are secured by the three latches. I found this extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the protection upon impact. That would require me to crash and fall to which I hope I don’t end up doing any time soon. However you can find a video over on Pinkbike’s website where they conducted an impact test via this link.

The Conclusion

Overall, I think the helmet is just outstanding with the only downfall being the price. It is more on expensive side, but considering you get two uses out of it, it’s quite reasonable ($150AUD for each lid). A full face specific helmet usually retails above $200AUD and a good bike helmet would hover around the $100AUD mark. So considering all this, it doesn’t seem so bad. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a versatile helmet that you can use for some enduro runs and light trail riding with the family. If you aren’t interested in the full face feature, I recommend the Super 2 as it’s almost identical.

UPDATE: Bell have released the Super 3R. Check that out, since the 2R are discontinued.

Image Source: Pinkbike

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