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Leitner Milan Review

The Bike

MILAN – The Lombardy region capital known for its fashion and design. Thus you would expect a bike of that name to look good, and this Milan does! The bike frame is your common cruiser style that features a step through design in a glossy white finish. The Leitner logos accompany the bike on both sides, as well as the battery. Leitner also offer other colours such as black, silver, blue and red; however I think the white looks the best because the others look quite bland. Adding to the style is a fancy looking chain guard and glossy black handles. The combination of the parts really work well together to deliver a beautiful looking bike.

Found at the centre of the Kenda E-Bike tyres is a 250W hub motor mounted on the rear. As you guys may know, this means its street legal and capable of propelling the bike at 25km/h. Alongside the 24 inch wheels are disc brakes that connected to the cable Wuxing brake levers.

The battery is a 36V 10Ah lithium ion pack that Leitner actually gives you the option of upgrading to 16Ah for an additional cost. This is claimed to improve the range to 80km over the standard 50km which is quite an upgrade. It’s also removable and features a battery indicator. One thing that you may have noticed is the location of the battery; behind the seat tube. This set-up does provide a well-balanced e-bike; however these layouts are tricky to work with as they sometimes make access to the battery difficult. In this particular case, the Milan does not have a flipping seat which meant you’ll need to remove the seat post before removing the battery. Not a big issue though; just a slight inconvenience.

Other components found on the Milan are the large- and I mean very large, Velo seat that will cradle all of you! Assisting in the comfort department are the front fitted Top Gun suspension forks.

Moving along to the Zoom handle bars, you can find the throttle and meter. Leitner have programmed the throttle to only work up to 6km/h; however they are able to remove this limitation. The Milan uses a basic M790 meter that honestly cannot get any simpler. It shows the battery and PAS level, and also carries the switch for the LED headlight which is easily accessible.

The Ride

Into my riding experience now, the Milan was okay. It wasn’t bad, but a couple of issues I had are holding it back. Beginning with the brakes, they were lacking in my opinion. You will definitely struggle stopping downhill. They must’ve not been fitted correctly because the bike got a case of wobbles under hard braking. Hopefully this was just a faulty one case bike. Onto the next issue, was the ergonomics. Readers please take this with a grain of salt because every body is different; but I felt as if I was being pushed into the handle bars. I thought maybe it’s because of my height, however my girlfriend said the exact same thing. so I’m not too sure here. If you guys are taller than 5” 4’, Leitner does recommend the Venice which is basically a larger version of the Milan with 26” wheels. One last minor issue was the gearing.  It was a little rough and the chain came off a couple of times.

Okay enough of the bad, let’s get onto what the Milan does well. Although I had some issues with the gearing, when I wasn’t changing gears and just pedalling, the bike was extremely smooth. Also I can say that the front forks were great. I was surprised by this set up, because it doesn’t look like much but they provided such a comforting ride. Going up and down walkway ramps, riding on the grass, the TopGun forks got the job done. What would’ve made it perfect would be a suspension fitted seat post which would’ve made it as comfortable as the Smartmotion E-City which in my opinion is still the most comfortable bike I’ve tested. Power wise, the bike gave me what I needed. No issues or dramas with the street legal hub motor. The throttle is a nice addition as well, with Leitner limiting it to 6km/h so it can help with takeoff. I give them kudos to them for that.

The Conclusion

Wrapping the review up, the Milan is a good design, however suffers from some mechanical issues. Aesthetically, I think it looks great; practically, it is realistic and features the necessary components such as a bike rack; motor wise, it gets the job done. Definitely a bike that has potential to be even better. You can find the full specifications below*

*Specifications may differ from supplier

Tyres24” Kenda E-Bike
SpokesStainless Steel
Brakes (Front)Disc rotor
Brakes (Rear)Disc rotor
GearsShimano Tourney 6 Speed Shifter
Front ForksTop Gun
MudguardFront and Rear Supplied
KickstandCentre Mounted Kickstand
Rear CarrierYes
Seat Post and SeatVelo Seat
LightingLED Headlight
Motor250W Brushless DC Hub Motor
Battery36V 10Ah Lithium Ion with optional upgrade to 16Ah
Maximum Speed25km/h
RangeRange depends on use. Average Range 50km (80km with upgraded battery)
Bike Weight~ 25kg (including battery)~26kg (including upgraded battery)
Warranty1 Year on Battery and motor. 2 Years on Frame.
Additional FeaturesBellQuick Release Front WheelThrottle

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