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Giant x Yamaha Mid Drive Motor Announced

Giant has just announced its latest mid drive offering in collaboration with Yamaha. With a media event in France last week, we welcome the Giant SyncDrive Pro.

According to Giant, the new motor will offer five modes including Eco, Tour/Basic, Active, Sport and Power. While users ride in ‘Power’ mode, the motor will provide 360% of pedal-assist power.

The numbers for this motor are absolutely ridiculous! With a peak torque of 80Nm all the way up to 120 rpm, this is by far one of the top performing mid drives out on the market. It is quoted to deliver 100% of the peak motor torque in less than 190 milliseconds. Talk about acceleration!

But wait, it gets better. The works from Giant and Yamaha is 380 grams lighter than their SyncDrive Sport, as well as reducing the volume. This obviously will contribute to reducing weight which is a major issue with electric bikes. The more compact motor allows more ground clearance and also possesses a 128mm ISIS interface bottom bracket allowing a narrower Q factor to fit MTB standards.

The SyncDrive Pro will be first available on the Full-E+ SX Pro and Full-E+ Pro full-suspension mountain bike models, available in select markets later this month.

via Giant

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