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Fat-E Mini Review

Before I begin, I would like to mention that you’ll have to watch the video review if you want to get the full experience with the puns.

Let’s begin!

It must be fate that I have the mini to review. Sorry, I meant Fat-E. It must be Fat-E that I have the mini to review. Starting off with the Mini’s appearance, the bike comes in an all-black semi-matte finish with Fat-E graphics on the sides. The common boxy electric foldable bike silhouette is prominent in the design, with the rectangular mid tube and step through like frame. The neon green wheels contrast the black and adds a bit of colour to the monotone bike. It reminds me of the Monster Energy monster truck and I think it looks pretty nice actually. The fat tyres with tyre text gives it that aggressive sporty look as well.

To power this miniature version of the Monster truck is a rear 350W hub motor wrapped in those 20 inch fat tyres which equivalently makes it a 26 inch. Even though this motor is rated to 350W, Fat-E has detuned it to 250W much like what they did with the Dragster I reviewed. Like I said before, I’m not shore if the company can remove this limitation or not.

The battery can be found in the frame and is rated to 36 volt with a capacity of 10.4 Ah. Now because the battery mounts inside the frame and this is a foldable bike, the only method of accessing the pack is by unfolding the bike. This becomes slight inconvenience, however I found it wasn’t too bad once you got the hang of it. However a mini-scule feature that the bike possesses is access ports at the bottom of the frame allows you to charge and lock your in-frame battery with ease. I show it in the video review if you’d like to see. Brilliant idea that saves riders from having to take it out every time it required to be charged.

Now if brakes are water  you’re wondering about, then you can find disc brakes sitting in between the pads of the Tektro Novela brakes. This whole system is connected via cable with Wuxing brake levers much like the Dragster. These are specifically designed for e-bikes and do feature brake sensor cut-offs.

Into the more important aspect of this bike now, the foldable frame, and pedals, and handle bars – the whole bike is almost foldable. As you can sea, the bike folds at the centre with a simple mechanism to keep it locked. The same goes for the handle bar. The pedals are also foldable, and simply fold up by pushing them in and flipping them vertically. This literally turns the bike from a medium framed bike to something the size of a SUV tyre.

The gearing system of this e-bike features a 7 speed Shimano Thumb Shifter Plus. So if your looking for more this could grind your gears, however I thought it was adequate for the casual cruises. The convenience of swiftly shifting at the flick of your thumb was superb. It gave me enough top speed for a cruise along the beaches.

Into the ride now as usual, let’s begin with the power. Because Fat-E has provided a 350W motor; from Bafang might I add, the performance from the motor was great as expected. There were no signs of slowing down with consistent output and torque, helping me up the hills. There is something I might add to the discussion which is the climbing ability. The fat tyres makes it a little more difficult to climb hills as well as some of the other bikes I’ve tested, and this is not because of the power. It is due to the friction from the tyres because they’re so large and thicker than the common mountain bike or road tyre. This higher resistance makes climbing hills a little less efficient. Just to be clear however, I’m not saying that it won’t help you get up hills, but it’s a less efficient system that won’t get you up a hill as easily as a bike with road tyres would. So if you’re planning to get this and want to ride in a hilly area, just be wary of that. This aside, I found that compromise to be worth it with the fat tyres providing a fun and comforting to ride; whether it was on road or off road. This comfort was contributed from the suspension fitted seat post as well. While on the topic of suspension, there was a lack of it at the front. This is a small downer as some riders or kids, as you would want to take this out for more spirited off road rides here and there. Without anything to dampen the drops, the rides will get a little rough. However for just the beach or parks, the bike gets it done. The brakes also performed really well for a budget set up. You can never really go wrong with a well prepared cable disc brakes. They’re reliable and perform very well as you guys saw from the e biking now official brake test.

As usual, E-Biking now does a dyno test on the bikes when possible. Here are the results for the Mini.

Fat-E Mini Dyno

From the plot, it seems the Mini possesses quite a motor! Comparing it to the Dragster’s dyno results, it has outperformed it in terms of peak wattage and torque. Although dyno results should be taken with a grain of salt, it cannot be denied that the Mini does have a more favourable torque and power curve, stretching across the speeds.

So the Fat-E Mini is a head turning, street legal, affoldable bike. This e-bike is simply beautiful in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It looks good, performs well assuming you’re not taking out to your local downhill trail, and is practical. With LED headlight, the ability to literally turn transform and fit in your car while leaving room for your family is nothing shorter than great. The fat tyres add comfort, style and are less prone to pinches and puns-tures. Concluding this with one word. Fun!

You can find the full specifications below*

*Specifications may differ from supplier

Frame6061 Aluminum
TyresKenda Juggernaut Pro 20” x 4”
Spokes12G Stainless Steel
Brakes Tektro 160Ø disc front and rear
Brakes LeversWuxing 108PDD
GearsShimano Altus 7SShimano Tourney Thumb Shifter
Front ForksN/A
ChainKMC Z51
KickstandSide Kickstand
Rear CarrierN/A
Seat Post and SeatZOOM Alloy Seat PostN/A
LightingLED Headlight Supplied
Motor400W Brushless DC Hub Motor
Battery36V 10.4Ah Lithium Ion
Maximum Speed32km/h
RangeRange depends on use. Average Range 45km
Bike WeightN/A
Warranty2 Years on Batter, Motor, Display & Controller. 5 Years on Frame
Additional FeaturesN/A

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