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Aklo A-Kit – Electric Bike Kit Review

There is an abundance of conversion kits on the market and to add to it, we have the Aklo A-Kit. Aklo specializes in conversions kits and aims to provide an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on quality and performance. For those interested in the unboxing and installation video, you can find it here.

Although this is a kit, appearance still matters and is a factor that is important in choosing kits. Aesthetically the A-Kit (specifically the bottle style) is simple and basic. Nothing flashy or out there, just a simple looking battery and motor; which at first glance could find you or your friends questioning if your bike is electric or not.

The battery that’s used in this kit is an in house 36V lithium ion battery. It has a capacity of 8.8Ah which also goes for the rear rack battery as well. The bottle has a LED battery level indicator alongside a switch and charging port. Unfortunately there is no USB charging here, and no upgradable options.

Talking about options, Aklo provides the kit for 2 wheel sizes; 26″ and 700C/29er wheels. So for riders that own a 27.5″ (or 650B) bike, you’re unfortunately left out. Considering the rise in this wheel size I’m surprised that Aklo doesn’t offer it; hopefully this changes. On top of these wheel options are the style options which I’ve mentioned are the bottle or rear rack style.

My bike was fitted with the bottle style which is what I prefer. There’s two reasons for this; 1 being it is a lot easier to install; and 2 being that the controller is built into the battery holder. The rear rack kit is more inconspicuous, however requires the controller to be installed separately.

The hub motor is rated to 250W and is street legal. Aklo has stated that the motors uses sine-wave technology for smoother, quieter and more efficient drive. I’m wasn’t entirely sure what this is or how it worked, but I can say the ride was really quiet in my testing. The bike actually sounded so beautiful, like music to my ears! If you want to check it out, you can find the sound clip around the 1:50 mark in the video review.

The e-bike will be controlled via the 880 LED meter. I’ve reviewed this meter many times and I can say that it’s great for a budget set-up; however the only issue I have with it is the lack of an option for no pedal assistance when it’s on. This means the bike must be off for zero power, and turned on when you need it. This can get a little tricky when riding as some people only want PAS on for hills. Riders will find themselves having to go through the trouble of turning on the bike while you’re riding for some assistance.

Additional accessories and components supplied by the kit include the half grip throttle. This provides the half grip and the throttle itself that connects to the 4-1 cable. Brake sensors are also supplied, however are tricky to install when you don’t have an LCD meter to know they’re triggered. For this reason, I did not fit them onto my bike. It did not affect the usability or safety of the bike for my tests. The differences were minimal.

After many rides with this kit, I must say that this motor Aklo has provided has to be one of the best I’ve tested – no doubt! At my first push of the cranks, the motor kicks in and propelled me forward quickly. The acceleration from this motor was exceptional! It could be due to the smaller 26” wheels; but I feel the performance would be similar with the 700C version. Surprisingly, the bike doesn’t hit you hard and force you off the bike when it takes off. It steadily provides you power and then ramps it up exponentially. This stays consistent for hills and light trails as well. I took this to a beach trail where the bike effortlessly accelerated to speed and hold it with confidence. All through the rev ranges the motor excelled at delivering a consistent power output. I have done a dyno where the plot and raw numbers can be found below.

Using the bike was simple as e-bikes can get. Turn on the battery with the switch and move onto the LED 880 meter. As I’ve said many times in previous bike reviews that use this meter; you can’t possibly have any trouble with it. One button to turn on the bike, another to adjust the pedal assistance level and one for cruise control. This display also shows riders the battery level and PAS level.

To top this amazing kit off, the unboxing and installation was great. The kit was packaged sufficiently and appropriately held the components to prevent damages from shipping. Installation was simple and straight forward as well. There is one issue; and that was the lack of a manual. My kits did not receive an installation manual, and I had difficulties finding it online. Fortunately I’ve done kits like this before and knew how to install them. Also fortunately for those who are interested in this kit; but have no idea on fitting the kit themselves, I have made an installation video which is linked in the description box below.

A dyno run was done with the Aklo Bottle Kit and presented some big numbers! You can find the plot below.


As you can see, the Aklo A-Kit put up big numbers peaking at 49Nm of torque and 486W. These a significantly larger numbers than what is usually expected. This explains outstanding performance from the motor. Additionally, the performance is not just the high peak numbers, but the power and torque curve as well – with a lot of area under the graph (essentially meaning more power and torque).

Even though Aklo is a newcomer to the E-Biking industry, this A-Kit from them really proves they specialize in conversion kits. The easy installation and outstanding performance at a budget cost, makes me want to give Aklo an A+ for their A-Kit. The only downfall I found with this kit is the display meter and lack of a 650B wheel option. I hope Aklo can provide additional options that allow consumers to customize their kits. As I would’ve liked a meter that allowed me to ride with zero PAS while the bike was on, and also show me speed and distances. And I can imagine some riders would like an upgradeable option for the battery, just to get a little more range out of it.

In conclusion the A-Kit from Aklo is an A+. Definitely recommended!

You can find the full specifications* below, and images as well on the ebikery website.

*Specifications may differ from supplier

KitAklo A-Kit
Battery36V 8.8Ah Lithium Ion
Battery MountBottle or Rear Rack
Wheel Sizes 26”, 700C/29er
MeterKT-LED880 Meter
Additional Features/ComponentsHalf Grip Throttle
Rear Rack Supplied (with rear rack kit)
Separate Controller (with rear rack kit)
Warranty1 Year Warranty on Battery, Motor, Display and Controller

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