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Dillenger Samsung Street – Electric Bike Kit Review

This is the second part video of the review on this Samsung Power conversion kit from Dillenger, fitted on their expert bike. If you haven’t seen the unboxing and installation video, you can find it here – https://youtu.be/lupKAzdG8k4. This second video will look into the performance of the conversion kit and overall thoughts.

What do experts know about Samsung? That they’re freaking good! Consumers believe that Samsung provides the best quality products and in the e-biking community, we believe the tech giant also give us high quality cells which are found in the battery from this kit. It’s a 13Ah 36 volt juice pack that has been quoted to provide riders a maximum range of 100km! This is an outstanding claimed range for street going commuters. It could actually get you to work and back, unless you work in another city. Being a street legal kit, the motor is rated to 250 or 350W depending on your location and intended to replace the front wheel. Dillenger also sells this kit in an array of rim sizes from 20 inch to 700C, so you should be able to find one that suits your existing bike.

Installing this was simple enough that a beginner could understand and follow. So if you’re new to the game, don’t worry. This kit will guide you through its online manuals. I didn’t really follow this and that’s probably the reason why I made so many little mistakes that had me refitting something. But I can say that installation shouldn’t take any longer than 1-2 hours. The only two troubles I had was getting the tyre off, which varies from different wheels and fitting the brake sensors. These sensors are a little bit tedious to install, hence why I didn’t bother installing them. I recommend some quick drying adhesive and maybe some zip ties to hold it in place. Aside from this, the kit was straight forward. Just follow the manual and you’ll be fine.

Aesthetically, the kit is the usual. It has a black hub motor which is what I prefer because it looks a lot better than the silver ones you find on some kit. Doesn’t look so cheap like a china knockoff. The black is more inconspicuous as well, if that’s what you’re looking for. One thing to note though is the rim has a silver lining whereas my original wheel was completely black. So you can see the difference here, between the rear and front wheels. I personally don’t mind it, but if you have OCD, you have been warned. Now onto the battery. Dillenger has given us a pretty nice looking battery pack. It’s a lot better than those Lego blocks of a battery I’ve seen. It’s no dolphin style battery, but what do you expect from it, when its capacity is pretty large. I think it’s quite compact and they’ve done a good job.

If you saw my first video, you probably saw that the kit came with a throttle and brake sensors. I didn’t bother installing them, because I wanted to keep it street legal and couldn’t be bothered with the brake sensors. It’s great that the kit included these accessories, because some people do want them. Especially the throttle. People love to ride an e-bike like it’s a motorbike. So it’s good to know that you’re getting pretty much everything you want and need with this conversion kit. Don’t have to fork out extra money for this and that which is nice.

Onto the performance now, I can confidently say that this kit is brilliant. So for those out there that don’t know, front hub motors are awesome for riding on the streets. This is due to the all-wheel drive system it provides. Just like a car, your ride feels more responsive and powerful. For my test, I rode up some hills and it performed well. But like I’ve said before with front hub motors, it’ll only reward you if you put in the effort. If you have a ridiculous hill and want to just throttle up, I have some bad news for you. You’re probably not going to find that with any street legal kit. During my testing, I also notice how quiet this motor was compared to some kits I’ve tested before. This is for the whole rev range as well. Using the kit was simple as well. With only three buttons to press, you can’t really go wrong. Pressing the power button changed display to either time, speed or odometer. Also the LCD screen has a backlight function, so you can use it for night rides. So I’m going to wrap up this review with saying that this kit is simply excellent. It’s cheap and you get a street legal motor, high capacity battery, all the necessary equipment, waterproof wiring, a throttle and performance. Seriously, combine this conversion kit with a good bike and you’ll have no regrets.

Available on the Dillenger Websites:

Dillenger – Electric Bike Kits USA

Dillenger – Electric Bike Kits UK

Dillenger – Electric Bike Kits AU

You can find the full specifications below*

*Specifications may differ from supplier

MotorAluminium Alloy
Motor Weight4.5kg
Rims20”, 24”, 26”, 27.5” or 700C (28” 29er)
Spokes13G Steel
ControllerKT Sign Wave with Stealth Cradle
Battery36V 13Ah (Samsung Cells) Lithium Ion
Battery Weight3.2kg
Battery Dimensions (LxWxH)360mm x 82mm x 125mm
ChargerANS 36V 2A Smart charger
6.5 hour recharge cycle
Maximum Speed32km/h. 25km/h in display for AU & UK
RangeRange depends on use! Up to 100km. Average 65km. Throttle only 50km.

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