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Smartmotion E-City Review

Smart phones, smart watches and smart TVs. Everything is smart nowadays. So how does a Smartmotion stack up to these? Well it doesn’t. Probably because it’s an electric bike. An electric bike that aims to look simple and suitable for the modern day gent or gal to cruise through the city or commute to work with. With a simple step-through design coming in black, blue or red, each with accents of contrasting colours, the bike looks good without drawing too much attention. A touch of brown leather from the seat also adds a hint of vintage aesthetic to the E-City. This seat is super comfy by the way! And the quality looks superb.

Smartmotion has not only designed the bike, but they have also supplied their own motor. This is a 250-watt hub motor that can be found on the rear wheel which is powered by a 36V lithium ion battery. The battery has been designed in New Zealand and takes into consideration the harsh climate found there. The end result is a juice pack with superior weatherproofing that’s rated to 15.6Ah. It’s mounted on the rear rack and gives us a couple of nifty features. These include the power button that is claimed to act as a taillight when turned on. However I found it was a little dim and think it’s more to notify the rider it’s turned on. The second feature is the ability to charge devices through its USB port. This can come in handy when riders have got a bit of spare battery juice left and need to recharge their phone or tablet.

At the handle bars, you can find Tektro levers accompanied by front and rear Tektro Novela brakes. These are 180mm disc brakes and although the brakes aren’t hydraulic, they still provided excellent braking. Probably one of the better cable brakes I’ve tested. They felt super responsive and didn’t have that friction that other cable brakes do. The brakes are also fitted with cut off sensors that stops the motor when activated.

Alongside the brakes is the 8 speed shifter.  This E-bike is fitted with a Shimano Altus rear derailleur and Shimano Acera shifter. It’s nothing too fancy, just reliable and affordable components. This is a plus as it makes maintenance and repairs/replacement a lot easier and cheaper. In the palm of your left hand, you’ll also be greeted by a half grip twist throttle. It looks like it wouldn’t fit on the right side, so to the riders who prefer it on the right, you might not be able to change it to your preference. Also there is a bell, so you can effortlessly alert other riders while cruising past their regular push bikes.

And the final thing on the handlebars you can find is the LCD screen which was easy to read and also has a backlight function. The display interface is simple and similar to most other designs. The basics such as PAS level, speed, trip and battery level are displayed on the screen. All in an easy to read format. By pressing the “SET” button, the trip distance can be changed to odometer or time. It was super easy to use, and very user friendly.

The E-City is fitted with SR Suntour NEX forks which provided ample damping for the bumps on the urban roads. Unless the area you live in has really bad roads with potholes everywhere. These will give you a smooth ride. The combination of the suspension fitted seat post and large VeloPlush seat, provided one of the most comfortable commuters I’ve ridden. Smartmotion has found the perfect recipe for comfort. It’s awesome! Because you want to be comfortable for prolonged periods of riding. Something you may have noticed is the addition of a bottle holder as standard. People struggle to find space for a bottle holder on their electric bikes, however Smartmotion has taken the liberty to incorporate it into the design.

Getting into the riding test, the first thing I noticed was the comfort. As I rode it more and more, it became very apparent. Bumps and drops didn’t hit me hard. Actually they actually they didn’t hit me at all to be honest. The large seat cushioned my bum and the front forks soften the drops really well. The E-City gave me a pain free ride. Power wise, the motor is good. No dramas there. The in house Smartmotion motor provided consistent power where needed and assisted on some hills. It’s nothing crazy like a mid-drive and probably not as torquey as the motor from the Forza. But it’s basically your standard 250W motor. As you also saw from the official ebiking now brake test, the brakes performed well. I would like to mention that that was on a hill, so they actually perform even better on the flat. I couldn’t really think of any faults with my riding experience with this bike.

I’m concluding this review with one word – Comfort! The bike seriously has no flaws and is so comfortable to ride. I can’t emphasize it enough. If you want a comfortable bike, look no further. This is the one. With a decent capacity battery and charging capabilities alongside an inbuilt bike lock, this electric bike features packed. And not just useless junk either. It has a quality build and retails at $2399 which is good value for what you’re getting. Definitely one to look into guys.

You can find the full specifications below*

*Specifications may differ from supplier

Tyres26 x 1.9” CST Commuters with Kevlar Guard
Brakes (Front)Tektro 180Ø disc rotor
Brakes (Rear)Tektro 180Ø disc rotor
GearsShimano Altus 8 Speed 11-34Shimano Acera Shifter
Front ForksSR Suntour NEX
MudguardFront and Rear Supplied
KickstandCentre Mounted Adjustable Kickstand
Rear CarrierYes
Seat Post and SeatSuspension Fitted StemVeloPlush Comfort Seat
LightingHeadlight Supplied
Motor250W Brushless DC Hub Motor
Battery36V 15.6Ah Lithium Ion
Maximum SpeedN/A
RangeRange depends on use. Average Range 60km.
Bike Weight25.5kg (including battery)
Warranty2 Years on Battery and motor. 6 Years on Frame. 12 Months Other Parts
Additional FeaturesBellBike Lock

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