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Dillenger Hunter Off Road Review

So starting off with the appearance as usual, the hunter off road delivers us a matte black finish with graphics on the ride side. This is all wrapping the aluminum frame that also features the in-built battery, which is removable. Its capacity is rated to be 10.4 amp hour and utilizes Panasonic cells. The combination of a frame fitted battery and the absence of a bike rack, mudguards and other non-essential parts, gives it a very raw off road e-bike look. It just looks superb. It reminds me of a racecar- fitted with all the necessary racing equipment, but minus the stereo and passenger seats. Because just like racing, you don’t need unnecessary parts while trying to ride fast. Now even though this is a high end off roader, the bike still manages to look like a pushbike. Which is something I really like about the hunter. Because I wouldn’t; and I can’t imagine many people would, actually ride this on the streets if it looked like an electric motorbike. That’s just asking for trouble from the police. So a thumbs up on the stealthy design.

At the cranks you can find a 1000W mid-drive motor powering all 10 gears of the Shimano cassette. I’m quite certain that peak wattage is rated to be 1600W, so it’s definitely a powerful motor. Now for those who have never rode a mid-drive before, it’s much like a motorbike. The motor powers the chain wheel, and as a result the rear wheel turns according to the gear engaged. And as you may have guessed, it provides more torque, the lower the gear you’re in. Because of this characteristic, this is the preferred choice for off road or mountain trail rides. They will get you up to speed, or ease up that hill climb you’ve got ahead of you. Now if that ride ahead of you is a rough one, you do not need to worry. The Hunter’s suspension has got you sorted.

It’s equipped with Zoom 650DH forks which are made from forged Magnesium alloys. These will give you 170mm travel and are also fully adjustable, to suit whatever route you encounter. Zoom have also provided fittings that may make it possible for mudguards to be added. Same goes for the rear where Dillenger has supplied some mounting holes. However if you desire a bike rack, you may only be able to fit a seat post one.

So what’s stopping you? 180mm Tektro disc brakes can be found at the front and rear, accompanied with the e-bike friendly Tektro Dorado levers. These are the hydraulic performance bad boys and designed to stop the hunter quickly and safely. They perform really well, and give you that responsive grip. Refer to the video for a demonstration.

The tyres found on the hunter are the Maxxis High Rollers. In the video review, I did mention they were 2.5” wide tyres. I made a mistake. They’re actually 2.125” wide off road tyres and got the goods to handle your unforgiving rides. With performance aside, these tyres also look amazing and compliment the rest of the bike aesthetically. I might be a bit biased because I’m a fan of tyre stickers, but who doesn’t love a sporty, racing like bike.

So with my off road experience, I was astounded. I didn’t just go on grass or dirt. I really took the bike off road – to the mountain trails. And I must say the bike handled it so well. As you hop on and give it that first rotation at the cranks, the Bafang motor kicks in hard and propels you forward. While I was cruising up the trail, my friend was left in the dust. It just makes climbing the off road track so much easier, and that thumb throttle really comes in handy as well.  Going down the hill was pretty scary I must admit. I had to turn the PAS down to 1 because the motor just gave too much power to handle, but when the track slowed down and I needed some boost, it would give me what I needed. It was glorious! Really gives you that edge compared to other bikes. And when I was faced upon a jump, the throttle gave you full power for that air time.

So I found myself braking a lot because I’m not fully experienced yet. From my ride the Tektro’s worked just as well off road as they did on the road. The hydraulic brakes, really show off their worth in situations like this. You can put them to actual use, and they were used well. This is the same for the suspension, the fully adjustable forks are designed for such abuse, so you can expect the Zoom 650’s performed well. It gave me a comfortable and safe experience. One complaint I do have though, is the seat. It wasn’t the best. Even with the suspension fitted stem, I found the hard drops hit my backside pretty hard. With repetitive hits, it got uncomfortable. On road it’s not too bad, however long rides still result in some butt aching. It’s something you can easily change out though.

One of the more interesting aspects of the Hunter is the ability to re-program the controller to comply with street legal regulations respective to the country. This was possible through the device called the ‘switcharoonie’. Flashy name. So basically, you unplug the controller from the LCD and connect it to the device. From here, you can see the active mode, and select which mode you want. It was pretty simple to use. So I guess you would carry this around to change modes on the go, or want to show officers the current set-up you’re running.

Following my off road experience, was the on road tests. After I reprogrammed the Hunter with the street legal mode, I took it for a spin. My riding experience on the road with the street legal mode was good – a little less exhilarating than the 1000W as expected. But it was good. Just imagine a really ‘torque-ey’ street legal cruiser. With this mode activated, it was like a regular e-bike. The mid drive provided me the power needed to get up the hills I was faced upon. An interesting point that I’ll mention is the lower than expected rolling resistance. Even with off road tyres fitted, the Hunter’s Maxxis High Rollers rode smoothly. I definitely think this is one of the best value e-bike at the moment. Purely because of the switcharoonie tool. I think this was a great idea and I applaud Dillenger, because this saves people having to spend extra for a second bike to commute to work or ride on the road with.

You can check out the Dillenger Hunter in several countries:

Australia – http://dillengerelectricbikes.com.au/featured-products/hunter-bbs-electric-mountain-bike-by-dillenger.html

United Kingdom – http://dillengerelectricbikes.co.uk/featured-products/hunter-bbs-electric-mountain-bike-by-dillenger.html

Netherlands – https://dillengerelektrischefietsen.nl/collections/elektrische-fietsen/products/hunter

You can find the full specifications below*

*Specifications may differ from supplier

Frame6061 Aluminium
TyresCST Small Block 2.125” x 26”
Spokes12G Stainless steel spokes
Brakes (Front & Rear)Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes
Brakes (Levers)Tektro Dorado HD-E710 Levers
GearsShimano Deore 10 Speed
Front ForksZOOM 650DH 26
KickstandSide Stand
Rear CarrierNo
Seat PostExa Form KSP525
LightingNot supplied
MotorBafang BBS-HD
Battery48V 10.4Ah (Panasonic Cells) Lithium Ion
Charger4-6 hour recharge cycle
Maximum Speed50km/h
RangeRange depends on use. Up to 50km. Average 40km
Bike Weight (With Battery/Without)23kg/25.9kg

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