Caliber Wraith Review – Carbon Fiber Electric Mountain Bike

At First Glance

At first glance, it is not hard to find quality in this electric bike.  From the top of the line DNM shocks to the XT running gear and large floating disk brakes.  Even the pedals are top of the range.  For a carbon fiber ebike that costs this much, you would expect nothing less than what Caliber has on offer.

This bike looks incredibly sexy, due to the matte black frame, minimal graphics and double crown forks.  It just oozes appeal and delivers in spades; there is nothing about this bike that I would change regarding looks.


We’ve tested this bike for just over one week now, and every time we take it for a spin; we are not disappointed.  The Caliber Wraith is such a perfect bike for rough terrain, handling all manner of trails with the ease that you would expect from this kind of monster.

The feeling of the Wraith is incredible.  The combination of light weight material, DNM Racing Shox and 750W’s of power coming through your ratios makes for not only a fantastic bike but an even better electric bike.  Stopping power? Yes! In an instant, and the XT adjustable levers make it customizable to your unique touch.

We’ve been riding this hard, highest PAS setting and a lot of full throttle, it is hard not to.  Even so, the 500WH battery provides ample range at 25-35 km per charge.  Our range test at medium PAS gave us about 55 km.


This is the only bike that Caliber makes; it is very hard to find, the only place you can purchase one is online, and there is a build time of 6 weeks or more making this a very expensive leap of faith.  However, if you want a capable carbon fiber electric mountain bike, take a serious look at the Caliber Wraith.

I’m really hoping they start showing up in bike shops, because they deserve a spot there with the other top end players in the market.  But for now, we’ll just have to drool over them online.

Where can you get one?

Dillenger UK – £2,999 http://dillengerelectricbikes.co.uk/electric-bikes/carbon-wrath-by-caliber.html

Dillenger AU – $6,999 http://dillengerelectricbikes.com.au/electric-bikes/carbon-wrath-by-caliber.html

Dillenger US – $6,999 http://dillengerelectricbikes.com/electric-bikes/carbon-wrath-by-caliber.html

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