Volt Continental Review

At First Glance

The Volt Continental is a very tidy package, clean lines, white body with the contrasting black battery and the nice discrete Volt logo in a light silver.  I absolutely love the look of this bike and you’d be hard pressed finding anyone that disagrees.

Anyone that catches a glimpse of the Continental while you glide past would struggle to identify it as an electric bike, as the only evidence is the upright battery hiding behind the seat post.


Most of the components Volt has chosen suit the riding usage of the Continental.


The motor is made by Bafang, a proven performer and a reliable choice used by many manufacturers.  I’d be interested to find out what cells are used inside the battery, as it does not state it anywhere on the Volt web site, just the battery manufacturer.


Personally, I would have preferred hydraulic brakes over the mechanical Tektro Aquila’s, but they do perform quite well.


As with all of the Volt ebikes, the Continental comes with their V-Wave Technology display.  This adds an extra option to allow you access to the controllers parameters in relation to output power levels in pedal assist.  Usually, the only way to achieve this is through the Bafang reprogramming software, so the V-Wave makes configuring these settings a lot easier, and they do come in handy frequently.

Does the Volt Continental perform?

Yes, performance wise the Continental is pretty spot on with the information provided on the website.  We’ve ridden around 80 km over the last week on a medium pedal assist level around town so as to simulate a typical commuting route.  Thanks to the Bafang motor, slight hills were no issue, and there was no noticeable noise even while under load coming from the rear hub.

The larger diameter 700C tires make this a very smooth ride and perfect for commuting, and while not completely compliant, the throttle does come in handy when you’ve had enough pedaling for the trip.


The Volt Continental is indeed a great looking electric bike, as well as comfortable with good battery range.  However, at this price it should come with some better components, in this bracket, they are competing with ebikes that come with top of the range gear as standard.  Having said that, the Volt dealer network covers all of the UK. You would be hard pressed walking into any shop that sells ebikes and not find a Volt, so the support for this product is pretty top notch as well as the 2-year warranty.  All in all, an excellent choice!


Volt – £1749 (12Ah) £1949 (16Ah) http://www.voltbikes.co.uk/electric-bike-shops.php

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